Tourist snapshot

What does an interesting object look like through the eyes of an ordinary person and through the eyes of a tourist? We’re not talking about driving to work, but about unusual places you haven’t been before.

You, probably, will think: “what nonsense, each of us, when we come somewhere, becomes a tourist”. No, my friend, it is not. You can come on a business trip to some Kathmandu and spend the whole day in a hotel, doing business and relaxing and take a couple of photos from the window. Or you can take a backpack, a bottle of water and in your free time walk around the city or nearby attractions. While waiting for the plane, you can read about interesting places, while on the train, study the copied texts of other travelers. Maybe you just didn’t turn over the fence on the way from work or to work, and there are a lot of interesting things behind the fence. In short, if you deliberately go somewhere to see, even from the windows of public transport, some local attractions, you automatically become a tourist or a traveler in the old mode.

The photos for this article were taken on the way. I realized that since I was driving a russian jeep, I could spend an extra hour at sunset and stop by on the way to a river that wasn’t frozen. It was cool (-30 °C), and my gloved fingers were freezing. It was impossible to go further by car. 15 minutes on foot and I’m there at the right time. My hands reached for the camera. Look how beautiful it is. You only need the desire and the silent time to see what you want to visit.

It is always necessary to perceive the trip as a tourist, then there will be interesting places, interesting photos. And if even on vacation you leave the hotel to swim in the pool, then you can not be called a tourist. You’re just a visitor. You can visit dozens of cities and countries and never find out how people live, why it is so beautiful, why everyone recommends to go here.

Without tourism, life is bland, all days are similar to each other. Therefore, I wish you a reader: go, learn new things, bring a little risk into your life. Let the fact that you hardly have time everywhere will be happy for you, let there be a lot of new impressions!


Галерея зимних пейзажей: снег, деревья, реки, ручьи и жгучий мороз

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